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10 ways to use hashtags in your marketing strategy

November 19, 2018  /  Lizzie Sullivan
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Hashtags who

What on earth are these hashtags and do they work? Well if you want more specific traffic, more people to find you on social media and the added ability to index your keywords. Then hashtags are for you and yes, they do work.

Hashtags got a #badname

When hashtags appeared on social media, they were jumped all over by z list celebrities on TV and YouTube stars trying to be cool. This did make hashtags a household name, making them bigger than some of the stars themselves. But they also attributed to making hashtags appear gimmicky and to be frank rather annoying resulting in getting them a #badname.

Because of this misuse serious marketers and business owners became confused as to what they do, when and how they should be utilised within their social media strategy.

Here are 10 ways to use hashtags to promote your business:

  1. Know your keywords

To get the most out of using hashtags you need to know your keywords. Keywords are words and phrases that allow your web content to be found on search engines. To begin you need to think like your customers. If you were searching for what you sell, what words would you use to conduct a specific search.

  1. Identify your customers

To think like your customer, you need to know your customer. Work with your team to identify a picture of what your customer looks like, what they do, where they live and their age. By doing this you will be able to step into your customers shoes. And understand what they are looking for in your products.

  1. Start researching online

There are plenty of keyword research tools for you to use online. However, if you have more time you can start plugging these into search engines. By doing the leg work yourself, you will soon build up a valuable list of words that will work for your business.

  1. Use phrases and words

You don’t have to stick with just words, you can also use phrases. Most people who search for products use an actual description rather than just words. This will help you extend your searches and make them more realistic.

  1. Understand the language

To drill down further into the phrases and words try expanding and swapping the words. Go back to the search engine and see if the word count gives you better results. It can be a long-winded process but if you do this exercise well it will have a greater impact on your SEO.

  1. Turn words or phrases into hashtags

Now for the creative part. Start thinking of marketing slogans for your business containing keywords that could be used to identify hashtags. It’s best to keep them simple, short and memorable. Compare your choices with big business hashtags to check you are on the right track.

  1. Register your hashtags

This part needs to be done with a word of caution. With hundreds of thousands of hashtags, it is important to understand that a hashtag will not be limited to you. Meaning anyone can use it. Even registering your hashtag won’t make it yours.

  1. When to use your hashtag

Without sounding condescending use it everywhere. In your marketing, on your website in your advertising. The more you use it, the more people will get used to seeing it. It will become an integral part of your brand.

  1. Use with other hashtags

You can use popular hashtags to help yours get found, recognised and ultimately used by others. There are established hashtags for days of the week, events, businesses, celebrities and news items. Limit the number that you use so not to confuse your audience and to not make your posts look like spam.

  1. Analyse the results

All the above steps are pointless if you don’t analyse the results of your posts. Social media platforms offer you free analysis. But if you prefer a more detailed approach you can pay for an analysis tool. Whichever you choose, analyse, adapt and keep hash tagging.

Come up with a workable hashtag, that others will remember, and you may just catapult your business into the #marketingsphere.

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