Always have access to your accounts anywhere online with Quickbooks

Always have access to your accounts anywhere online with Quickbooks

February 23, 2017  /  Lizzie Sullivan

Do you get weak at the knees at the thought of managing your accounts? Well with Quickbooks there is no need to, you can manage your accounts online leaving plenty of time for things you love.

Business meeting without Quickbooks

Picture the scenario. You are at a business meeting and you need to provide information on your P&L but you have left your accountancy folder at home and you can’t reach your accountant. You close the meeting and pick up the tab for the coffees. In your haste, you forget the receipt meaning you can’t claim back the money spent on the coffees. All in all a disastrous meeting.

If only you used Quickbooks, a safe, easy and efficient way to manage your accounts and to have access to the information.

Business meeting with Quickbooks

Let’s replay the scenario above again using an example of a small business person who is using Quickbooks.  They arrive for their meeting and upon logging onto the Wi-Fi have access to all of the accounts information they need. After a successful meeting, they pay for the coffees and take a picture of the receipt with their phone. The image can then be uploaded to Quickbooks and straight into the cloud. When they arrive at home they can log straight back into Quickbooks to retrieve the receipt and input it into their accounts.

What is Quickbooks? 

Quickbooks is cloud accountancy software that manages invoicing, accounts, bookkeeping and much more.

The data is stored in the cloud on servers which have bank encryption security.  This makes your data secure and accessible. This is great for enabling you, your accountant or multiple staff members to have access to the same data.

What else can it do?

  1. It lets you create customisable invoices – you can upload logos, change colours and select the fields you want to show. Plus if you need to generate invoices on the go you can do this with the mobile app.
  2. Allows for Multi-user collaboration – gives you the control. Give access to a team member or your accountant, the data will be updated in real time so the latest version will always be used.
  3. Use it on the go – check your business accounts with an internet connection. Use the app on your mobile or your tablet anytime, anywhere you need to.
  4. The option to go paperless – never lose a receipt. Take a photo of the receipt with your phone and upload it to the software. This will enable you to stay organised and help you do your bit for the environment.
  5. Up to date status – small business owners need to know how much money they have or owe. By downloading reports at the touch of a bottom you will always be on top of your profit and loss.
  6. Ability to work using multiple devices – most of us use a mix of technology devices to work from. By managing your accounts online, you can have access to the information on each of these devices, allowing you to work flexibly. Connect all your apps together and sync the data for all areas of your accounts.
  7. Easy updates to software – by working in the cloud you can easily update the software ensuring you are always using the latest features.
  8. High level of security – the data is automatically backed up, transferred online and scrambled with 256 bit SSL encryption.

Ask about QuickBooks?

At boffix we know that Quickbooks is the answer to helping small businesses run their accounts. Boffix are Quickbooks Platinum Partners and Advanced Certified. We have in-house QBO trainers ready to help.

If you aren’t sure whether Quickbooks is right for you please call us today on 01840 700 700 or email us at

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