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You didn’t start a business to get bogged down in paperwork. Is keeping a track on invoices and receipts starting to become a real burden on you and an unnecessary distraction?

For many businesses starting up, cost is a primary focus. Hiring an accountant is often deemed unnecessary and the decision is made to manage simple bookkeeping in house. Although this seems like a great way to keep your overheads light on the books, it’s usually a false economy.

Bookkeeping is a hassle, yet vital to stay on top of. Disorganisation or saying, ‘I’ll do it later’ causes havoc in the long run. It’s just not an option. Keeping on top of your books not only ensures you have a healthy cashflow, it can also flag trends in your finances for you to respond to proactively. Using QuickBooks, our team of online accountants can help you switch to a cost-effective bookkeeping service which is geared towards simplicity, speed and ease.

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