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A quarter of new UK businesses declare insolvency due to late or non-payment of invoices.

In a 2017 report, 40% of UK businesses confirmed they have received a late invoice payment in the last month. How many overdue invoices are frustrating you right now? Unlike big corporates, many of us don’t have deep enough pockets to ride the overdue invoice storm.

It simply doesn't make good business sense to be tied-up chasing bad debts when you could be channelling your efforts into the next wave of potential clients. If you are a small business offering a personal service, chasing overdue invoices can sometimes feel confrontational too. Outsourcing debt collection to a third party is so often the much better option. We can free up your time, minimise your stress levels, get you paid quicker and remove any potential conflict with your dawdling customers.

Professional debt collection for your business

Debtors are more likely to respond to external collection, reducing the chance that you’ll need to get lawyers involved. Our debt collection experts are trained to speak to debtors in a professional and curious manner. We will contact your debtors every week and send you monthly progress reports, so you can see at a glance which invoices have been paid.

For only £2 per debt

let our professional collection service minimise your overdue invoices

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