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Is your payroll becoming time consuming? Or are you looking to employ new staff and not sure where to start?

Before you attempt to delve into managing payroll yourself, or rather than sticking with a payroll provider that you are unhappy with, we’d love you to take a closer look at our service.

Suitable for businesses large and small, our comprehensive cloud-based payroll service is fully compliant with RTI and all UK laws and regulations. We'll cover all aspects of your payroll including PAYE, pension and employer NI contributions, and provide your employees with ePayslips along with a P11D at the end of each tax year.

The hassle-free payroll support service

Getting started is simple! We’ll gather information on what you want to pay each member of staff. We'll then calculate your payments, let you know how much is due to HMRC and issue your payslips. Your auto enrolment obligations will be taken care of for you to ensure your company remains compliant. We'll continue to keep your payroll up-to-date, adding and removing staff as and when required.

Payroll at your fingertips

You’ll have access to your payroll information via a dedicated portal. This gives you quick access to your employee’s historical payslips along with HR templates to help you run your business more efficiently.

Sit back and relax in the knowledge that every aspect of your payroll is covered

for just £5

per Payroll

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