Black Friday is here get your business in on the act

Black Friday is here and it’s not too late to get your business in on the act

November 25, 2016  /  Lizzie Sullivan
Black Friday

Today you wake up to Black Friday. If you weren’t aware of it then you must be on a desert island with no phone, computer, radio or television because its everywhere.  Turn on your television to adverts from brand names big and small. Tune into your radio to hear the latest radio commercials and Christmas jingles. Pop out to your local shop and signs are visible for all to see. Its unavoidable but what does it mean?

Where did Black Friday originate?

In the UK, Black Friday was a phrase used by the NHS and Police as they expedited their procedures to cope with higher volumes of people going out before Christmas. In the US, Black Friday was typically marked as the day after Thanks Giving when consumers took to the shops in their thousands to start their Christmas shopping early.

Amazon was one of the first to bring it to the UK and since then companies have gone wild and will do almost anything to grab your attention with heavily discounted prices on the latest gadgets and products. Who can forget the appalling scenes in 2014 as the police were called in as shoppers caused chaos. So far its seems that only the US, UK and Ireland take part but doubt it will be long before the craze spreads further.

How long is Black Friday?

Just one day right, well think again. Black Friday used to be just one day but now retailers are giving us more sales over a longer period. Businesses are being forced to think outside of the box and some are doing this by starting Black Friday on a Thursday .

What can the small business do to compete?

As a small business already trying to compete in a crowded marketplace this day can mark the start of a nightmare but it doesn’t have to.  If you would like to take part, it is best to be organised. Shelley from SewingCafe says  “as a small business owner I don’t have a huge marketing budget but I do have  loyal customers and a warehouse with plenty of stock. I simply offer a % discount on all the products on my website.” Whether your marketing budget is big or small you can still participate.

Don’t let your brand values suffer

Remember don’t just wow your customers with good prices, ramp up your customer service. Even in this busy period your customers will still expect the same level of customer service if not better. If you can’t cope with the higher volume of traffic to your website try using a telephone answering service like boffix . This will free you up to work on getting your orders out. Consumers want good prices but they also want their orders quicker than ever so customer service is key.

What if I don’t sell products?

Even if you aren’t selling products you can join in by reducing the prices of your services or offering better deals that will catapult you ahead of your competition.

Is it too late to start?

There are still 29 days to Christmas Day. Get amongst your competition and reduce your prices whether just for today or over the next coming weeks, consumers are looking to spend, so it’s never too late.

However you plan to promote your business at this time of year Black Friday is ONE way to follow the trend that could see you increasing your sales, brand awareness and turning over your stock. And whilst you’re not too busy with your business remember to go and grab a bargain yourself.


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