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Women stressing about VAT calculations

VAT: 3 letters that shouldn’t cause stress to your business

Think of VAT as a positive Businesses are either busy preparing or stressing about their VAT. But dealing with your VAT needn’t be stressful. It should be a relatively simple…

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Letting your customers talk to human gains you a competitive advantage

Gain a competitive advantage, let your customers talk to humans

Do you have time to give your customers a human voice? When it comes to your business phone calls, humans want to talk to humans. They don’t want to hear…

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Lady working on her business at home

2 proven ways for the novice business to get sales

Websites and Marketplaces Do you have products to sells and are you wanting to sell them online? Gone are the days where you need to have a brick and mortar…

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PO Boxes at a location

What is a PO Box and are there alternatives for my business?

Register your business away from your home Do you have an unruly dog that loves to eat your post or find yourself too busy to wait around for the postman?…

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Declan Aaron and Jack from Boffix

Boffix Apprentices are happy working, learning and earning

Celebrating Apprentices This week marked the start of National Apprentice Week which runs from 5th March to 9th March. And here at Boffix we love joining in by celebrating our…

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Snow plough at work in snow

Don’t let your business slip and slide in bad weather

Many of us were caught unawares in the past week by the arrival of snowy weather. We heard the news announcements, but ignored the warnings hoping that it wouldn’t be…

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Don't flog your blog to death just write it

Don’t flog your blog to death, just write it

Spit and Polish and all things nice are all well and good but you are a blog writer not Mary Poppins. Stop flogging your blog to death, write it from…

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Entrepreneur a mere title or a state of mind

Is Entrepreneur a mere title or a state of mind?

Entrepreneur is just a word, like any other, it’s a mere title given to someone who works for themselves, someone who has set themselves up in business. Hundreds of thousands…

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New Years Resolutions for the Small Business Owner

New Years Resolutions for the Small Business Owner

Let’s be honest, New Years Resolutions are usually broken before the end of the 1st of January. But that’s OK. Most of us set completely unrealistic resolutions anyway. So, to…

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Boffix Tax Return Blog

Preparing your business for your Tax Return

Talking about your Tax Return the week before Christmas is a drier subject then having your Christmas Dinner without gravy. But the longer you leave it the drier the taste…

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Ways to support charity at Christmas

Ways your business can support charity this Christmas

We all like to think that we are giving people, but most of us never give to charity nor do we do charitable things. This doesn’t make us bad people,…

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The Office Christmas Party - The Bosses Perspective

The Office Christmas party – The Bosses Perspective

The Office Christmas Party – The Bosses Perspective[/caption]Every year when bosses mention the words Christmas Party, employees either retract into fear or jump with joy. Free drink up, some say….

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