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Boffix Maximise Sales in the run up to Christmas and Beyond

Maximise sales in the run up to Christmas and beyond

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales behind us, there are still plenty of opportunities to market your business. Late shoppers and procrastinators can easily be won in the last…

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Business Christmas Cards

In the digital age do businesses still send Christmas Cards?

In the digital age, should you still send business Christmas cards? Well why not? In fact, sending a card in this day and age speaks volumes. It shows someone that…

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Christmas trimmings ready for your business

Do you have all the trimmings prepared for your business this Christmas?

Imagine Christmas turkey without cranberry sauce, presents without the wrapping paper, a tree without lights, your wonderfully decorated table without the centre piece. Would Christmas be the same without these…

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Look at fear as an acronym instead of a word

Don't be haunted by mistakes in business

Don’t be haunted by mistakes in business

We all make mistakes. Some mistakes are bad and change our lives, some mistakes are good and change our lives. We are human and like our DNA, mistakes are part…

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Halloween scary image

It’s not a trick, Halloween is big business

With less than three weeks to Halloween its never too late to jump on the band wagon and get your business involved. There is no denying that Halloween is big…

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seats in an auditorium work in progress

Work in progress is a funny business

Last weekend I attended a Work in Progress comedy night in Tunbridge Wells at the Trinity Theatre. Having attended various comedy shows I knew what to expect and was looking…

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Tortoise and Hare in the Business Race

Are you looking to be the tortoise or the hare in business?

When it comes to launching or growing a business there is so much more to think about then speed. After all you are not competing in a race. Unless your…

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Boffix Power Racing Boat

Boffix Powering businesses on and off the water

This weekend Miles Dobson CEO of boffix is taking to the helm of the Halcyon Connect Powerboat with his long-term friend and business partner James Sheppard. Together they will compete…

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A list of ways to keep your business safe when using a coffee shop WIFI

Is it dangerous to run my business using a coffee shop WIFI?

You can run your business using a WIFI connection from a coffee shop. That’s the good news, now for the not so good news. Not all internet connections are genuine…

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Calling all the business mums this summer. Do you feel guilty?

Summer school holidays are now here. Hooray, no more school run, no more endless running about from pick up to pick up, no more panicking about having the school uniform…

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The Procrastinator, deadlier to time than The Terminator

Procrastination the art of doing something other than the something you were supposed to be doing. Why just in preparation for this blog I’ve mopped the floor, cut the lawn…

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