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Live the dream and experience the benefits of running your own business

Ever dreamed of being your own boss, working from anywhere and generally being happier. Well running your own business could offer benefits to suit you. Banish that dreaded Sunday night…

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Alternatives to hiring a receptionist

Alternatives to hiring a receptionist to take your calls

Hats off if your business is doing well and you are in need of staff to answer your red hot phone. But before you rush off to find a receptionist…

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One click of the mouse, Malware in your house

One click of the mouse, a virus in your house (or workplace)

A simple click of your mouse can get you a holiday, a car, a new collar for spot the dog and a virus like Malware on your computer. With one…

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Have your office in cyberspace with a Virtual Office

Did you know that you could have an office in cyberspace? Seriously, it’s totally possible. It’s called a Virtual Office. All you need is a computer and an internet connection…

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Catapult your small business into the 10% that succeed by avoiding the 10 biggest mistakes

No one starts a business expecting it to fail, however as 90% of start-ups are likely to fail then why not learn about the top mistakes small businesses have made and…

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Think of your domain name as the street address for your online store

Sarah has a great idea for a business and a funky original name to go with it.  To use the name on the internet she will need to purchase a…

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Hand over unpaid invoices to a third party to recover debt and keep client relations in tact

Jane runs her own small business. She loves what she does but has been spending too much time of late worrying about recovering outstanding debt. This is beginning to affect…

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How to juggle both business and children when working from home during the school holidays

A fabulous article was released last month by The New York Times about Professor Robert E Kelly who was working from home and doing a live broadcast with the BBC….

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Entrepreneur Barbara gets boffix Call Handling

Stop your business phone calls get in the way of running your business. Barbara completely understands so seeks help from boffix. Why not be like Barbara and get boffix? For…

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Accessing a Virtual Office through a vortex

Having a Virtual Office does not mean you have to travel through a vortex to get to it

To delve into the exciting world of the Virtual Office we are going to enlist the help of our entrepreneur. Bob is a friendly neighbour who runs his business from…

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What does Richard Branson, Alan Sugar and your self-employed neighbour Bob, have in common?

Before you say what an earth can my neighbour Bob possibly have in common with two British wealthy entrepreneurs?  He hasn’t got grey hair, a beard or a big house,…

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Commuting happily at home from your bedroom to your office come rain or shine

Friday 19th May is National Work from Home Day. For some this will be a real treat but what if you work from home every day? According to the Office…

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