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Always have access to your accounts anywhere online with Quickbooks

Do you get weak at the knees at the thought of managing your accounts? Well with Quickbooks there is no need to, you can manage your accounts online leaving plenty…

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Is your head in the clouds full of business ideas should you be considering taking the leap and moving your business to the cloud?

One of the most important aspects for any business is their data. But how do you store yours? If you are currently working from your kitchen saving files to your…

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You’ve missed the tax deadline and ended up with a £100 fine, now what?

Don’t worry if you missed the tax deadline, you are not alone. There is set to be a record number of businesses facing the £100 fine this year. This is…

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Emailing Your Database: How often is just enough?

One of the marketing questions we get asked by our small business clients, is how often should I be emailing my customer database? Any marketing consultant worth his or her…

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Business start-up essentials

How much do you really need to start a business up from scratch?

Let’s be honest you can’t start a business for free but you can keep your costs low, particularly in the first 12 months whilst you are getting off the ground….

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Turning your hobby into a business

As the year comes to a close children are displaying Christmas crafts they have made at school. They enthusiastically show off a toilet roll that has been transformed into an…

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The office Christmas Party Do’s and Dont’s

It will soon be time to dig out that little black dress or dust off your dinner jacket. Whatever you choose to wear you’d better be prepared as its soon…

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Black Friday

Black Friday is here and it’s not too late to get your business in on the act

Today you wake up to Black Friday. If you weren’t aware of it then you must be on a desert island with no phone, computer, radio or television because its…

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How big do you need to be to qualify for outsourced support

Type “business outsourced support services” into google and you return with over 4 million results. Scan through the results and you will come across words such as, IT, Service Levels,…

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Business set up

Starting a business doesn’t have to be scary

Starting a business has never been so popular; according to StartUp Britain over 533,577 people have done just that so far this year (and counting). So if you are thinking…

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registered address

Why using your home address as your business address might not be the right decision

Don’t overlook how important a registered office address is for your company, says Amber Elliot, Operations Manager at business support provider boffix. Aside from being a legal requirement, it can…

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Starting a business: which company structure is right for me?

Setting up a new business can seem a bit daunting. Boffix guides you through the different types of company structure and how they impact your tax and legal liabilities. Thinking…

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