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Boffix Apprentices are happy working, learning and earning

March 8, 2018  /  Lizzie Sullivan
Declan Aaron and Jack from Boffix

Celebrating Apprentices

This week marked the start of National Apprentice Week which runs from 5th March to 9th March. And here at Boffix we love joining in by celebrating our in house Apprentices.

The average graduate is leaving University with a debt in the region of £50K+. It is therefore no wonder that more and more teenagers are turning towards apprentices. And by doing so they are opening career doors far and wide.

Apprenticeships, if implemented correctly can offer both apprentice and company with a rewarding two-way partnership. Take a walk with us to explore how we at Boffix, have embraced the scheme. How apprenticeships have benefited our business and why we feel it offers a rewarding way to nurture and grow young talent.

Working, learning and earning

All apprenticeship schemes offer the opportunity for working, learning and earning. At Boffix our apprentices are offered so much more. They get to work in a fast-moving company environment, that is ever changing and expanding. Apprentices have a great way of seeing things through fresh eyes, not yet tainted by big corporations, and this is a huge asset to our business. We encourage our apprentices to share ideas, to ask questions, to explore and understand their working environment.

Aaron, Head of Accounts Say’s “We have found apprentices offer the best way for us to develop a workforce that can become true business advisors. We are in evolving times with the business world changing to be much more dependent on cloud-based systems. And for us apprentices are not only geared towards learning but also bring with them the ability to adapt quickly enough as the software we use is updated on a much more consistent basis.”

Can-do, will-do attitude applies to all

At Boffix we adopt a can-do attitude with everyone, and we mean everyone chipping in and doing what is required. Here the apprentice doesn’t get the photocopying or the tea making role. We don’t stand on ceremony, we all chip in and do our bit, it’s part of our culture. Even the CEO does his own photocopying and makes teas and coffees for the team. At Boffix, we believe in providing all our teams with equal opportunities to learn and to flourish.

Jack, Accountant Apprentice Say’s “I am learning to do different things all the time, and not just doing one type of job. That is what I like about it at Boffix.”

We hire you and you hire us

We work with established recruitment companies to ensure that we get to interview a large range of candidates. Currently, we take on Apprentices in our Derby Office and that offers great links to local colleges. When meeting and interviewing candidates we make sure they go away with a clear understanding of what we can do for them, as well as finding out what they can bring to us. It’s a two-way fit. And if they decide to join us, all apprentices have ongoing support, in addition to their direct line Manager. We ensure that they are integrated into the team on every level to provide a steady foundation for them to grow with confidence.

Declan, IT Apprentice Say’s “Being an apprentice has not only allowed me to find my career path, but also gain confidence and experience in areas I otherwise wouldn’t have, such as customer support and team building.”

Building a workforce for the future

We strongly urge other companies who haven’t already, to consider and adopt the same process in helping the young workforce develop skills to benefit the economy. And that the Apprenticeship Scheme continues to be celebrated not only through this week but also in the future to come.


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