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Boffix Powering businesses on and off the water

August 25, 2017  /  Lizzie Sullivan
Boffix Power Racing Boat

This weekend Miles Dobson CEO of boffix is taking to the helm of the Halcyon Connect Powerboat with his long-term friend and business partner James Sheppard. Together they will compete in The Cowes Torquay Offshore Powerboat Race tackling the 200-mile course in a bid to win.

Miles says “Boffix is excited to be partnering with other leading companies from all over the world to power its race boat to victory

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Getting ready to race

Preparations are underway to take on the gruelling course know as one of the hardest in its field. They will need all their strength, stamina and agility to complete the course. Miles and James are no strangers to hard work and never shy away from a challenge. In fact both men are renowned for their ambition and determination on and off the water.

Powerful force

Between them there is no shortage of experience. James is already World Powerboat Champion in his own right, and is lucky to be alive after barrel-rolling and destroying his boat whilst competing in the British Grand Prix in Plymouth in 2006.

Miles a 50-year-old entrepreneur from London, originally trained as an architect and now owns various businesses and properties throughout the UK. This weekend Miles will be putting his mental and physical skills to the test whilst curbing his competitive nature and passion for speed.

I need to remember I’m no spring chicken and that this race will see my body take a pounding. I must remain focused on the task at hand and not allow my speed junkie to raise its head and take over

History behind the pair

Miles and James met when Miles had to use his Honda powered raceboat to ‘help’ direct James around the Teignmouth offshore powerboat grandprix in 2001. Later, in the bar that same evening they decided to get into the property business and formed Halycon, a serviced office company based in Leatherhead. In 2015 the pair saw an opportunity when they spotted a gap in the market which resulted in boffix. Now solely owned by Miles, boffix offers virtual support services to businesses big and small at an affordable rate.

a good business person knows they can’t manage all accepts of their business by themselves. They need to understand their capabilities and know when to seek help from external sources. It’s not about weakness, its about common sense

Good luck boys and when you’ve finished playing with your toys we look forward to seeing you back safely in the office on Monday.

More information regarding the race can be found here,

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