Richard Branson, Alan Sugar and self-employed neighbour Bob

What does Richard Branson, Alan Sugar and your self-employed neighbour Bob, have in common?

March 10, 2017  /  Lizzie Sullivan

Before you say what an earth can my neighbour Bob possibly have in common with two British wealthy entrepreneurs?  He hasn’t got grey hair, a beard or a big house, in fact Bob is young and lives in a terraced house next door. Well, the answer is, Entrepreneurial Traits. Shucks, I bet you didn’t see that coming – but why not?

Gone are the days when entrepreneurs are only seen on the television or in magazines. Bob or Bobette next door, could well be the person to change the world with their brilliant invention or fantastic idea.

So what are these entrepreneurial traits? We personally don’t know Richard Branson or Alan Sugar but we know lots of Bobs and Bobettes, so let’s explore more about what makes them tick.

Bob works from his kitchen table – doesn’t an entrepreneur need a fancy office?

An entrepreneur doesn’t need anything, well except a good idea. Whether they work from the kitchen, the sofa or from a hired space in an office doesn’t matter. When starting out, an entrepreneur needs to keep their overheads low whilst testing the water to see if the idea has traction.

Bob doesn’t make anything – is he really an entrepreneur?

You don’t need to invent something to be an entrepreneur. You need to be able to identify a gap and then fill the gap with something. Entrepreneurs have the ability to solve problems.

Bob doesn’t call himself an entrepreneur – surely he would use this title if he really was one?

Entrepreneur isn’t a job title, it’s a way of life. They don’t get bogged down with worry about whether they should or should not call themselves entrepreneurs. Most entrepreneurs tend not to know they are one let alone call themselves one.

Bob doesn’t have loads of money – aren’t all entrepreneurs wealthy?

Entrepreneurs tend not to make money overnight. Of course, we all hear stories of an idea that went crazy and made someone millions but this isn’t common. Entrepreneurs aren’t driven by money. They have an inherent drive to do something different, this drive is called passion.

Bob doesn’t get upset when someone slams a door in his face – doesn’t he have feelings?

Entrepreneurs are resilient. They take rejection on the chin and move forward until they hear the word yes. They aren’t deterred by failure, more the opposite, failure drives them on to even more success. Entrepreneurs have the ability to sell what they are doing and make others believe it will work.

Bob has re-mortgaged his house to finance his business – is he mad?

Entrepreneurs will go to any length to pursue their dream. They are never afraid to take risk. Taking an idea and making it work is a difficult thing to do. This trait enables them to move forward without worrying about the risk and to pursue their dream to the full.

Bob’s light is often on late at night – does he have insomnia?

Are you starting to spy on Bob?

Entrepreneurs work hard, very hard. They don’t have 9 to 5 jobs. They work to get the task at hand done. One of the reasons entrepreneurs becomes so is because they are looking for a lifestyle change. They aren’t looking for a job or to work for someone else. They want independence and want to do something for themselves.

Bob is often seen standing on his driveway staring at a box whilst juggling lots of things – is he auditioning for the circus?

Entrepreneurs have the ability to think outside of the box, their minds think differently. They aren’t confined to one task, they thrive on multitasking. They tend to be gutsy, creative and persistent.

So next time you see your neighbour standing in their driveway, staring at a cardboard box and juggling lots of different balls, don’t rush to call the police. Perhaps ask them what they are doing. Another trait of the entrepreneur is that they love to talk about what they are doing and why.

If you have an idea for a business or have just started out then talk to us at boffix. We love to hear stories about how and why people started, like our friend Bob. (Note no Bobs were hurt in the process of writing this blog and remember a Bob can also be a Bobette).

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