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Boffix Automated Call Handling

How would you like your customers to be able to speak to exactly who they want without going through multiple contact points?

Our automated call handling service, otherwise known as IVR (Interactive Voice Response), enables you to direct inbound calls via a pre-recorded greeting to the person or department best equipped to deal with the call. This frees up time as your staff aren’t distracted fielding calls, leading to a more efficient and productive workforce. From a customer perspective, it improves their experience and projects a more professional image for your business.

Your greetings and messages are fully customisable to your business. You can script and prepare your own, or we can take care of this for you.

Anywhere and everywhere

We’ll set your business with any local area code, non-geographical number (such as 0345), UK service number (such as 0845*) or freephone* number you require. If you are an established business, we will transfer your existing number to boffix so there is no change for your existing clients and no disruption to your business.

* Depending on the number you choose. Certain numbers have additional charges.

You’re in complete control

Automated call handling adds flexibility to your business enabling you to schedule calls around your working hours. Whether you are a sole trader or a company with multiple staff, out of hours calls can be diverted to voicemail. If you have multiple users, you can create separate greetings for each mailbox. Your voicemail messages will be emailed to the assigned mailbox including a sound file for you to listen to when’s most convenient.

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