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Boffix Live Call Handling

Is your business missing out on the next big opportunity? We’ll help ensure you never miss another call.

The chances are, you’re here because you’re struggling with incoming call volumes. Perhaps you’re looking to avoid the high costs and hassle associated with hiring a new member of staff? First impressions count! The person answering your calls is on the front line. They have a direct impact on how the caller perceives your business. Outsourcing calls is big decision, and not one you will take lightly... Nor do we!

What’s different about boffix? We take the time to get to understand your business, your priorities and how you engage with your customers. Having this detail enables your professional virtual PA to answer your calls exactly how you would yourself, if not better. Our team of dedicated live virtual receptionists are the perfect solution for you.

Professional call handling for your business

You can work from any location whilst we handle your calls. Our call handling service is charged on a usage basis so you only pay for what you use.

What does the live call handling service include?

Sign up for our call handling service and your business calls will be answered promptly and professionally. As part of the call handling service, you’ll be provided with an out-of-hours answerphone and a business telephone number for free.

Get your

first 5 calls each month handled for free.

Live Call Handling FAQ’s

How do you handle my calls?

What details will the virtual PA note down?

What else can my virtual PA do?

How long is my contract for?

Are there additional call transfer costs?

What happens to my existing telephone number?

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