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Calling all the business mums this summer. Do you feel guilty?

July 21, 2017  /  Lizzie Sullivan

Summer school holidays are now here. Hooray, no more school run, no more endless running about from pick up to pick up, no more panicking about having the school uniform ready and the endless deadlines of school homework. It’s summer, time for kids to play and for business mums to feel even more guilty about not spending enough time with their kids.

Don’t. All you need is preparation and support and you can do both.

Enjoy your kids and your work

Whether you need to work or want to work, it doesn’t matter which, you can enjoy both working and spending time with the kids. I achieved this by giving up my high flying job in London and started working for myself from home. I don’t earn nearly half as much as I did, but I love doing what I am doing and being who I want to be. A mum and a business woman.

No one is perfect. Working for yourself allows you to work guilt free.

I can’t close the business for 7 weeks?

You probably can’t afford to take 7 weeks off in the summer, so rather then bankrupt yourself or run yourself into the ground juggling both the kids and the business. Take a step back and plan. Plan when to work, when to spend time with the kids. Plan what they will do when you are working and what you will do with them when you aren’t working.

Summer holidays are long but can still be fun and profitable.

Plan it together – easy does it for the first week

Don’t just pack the kids off to the nearest holiday camp for 7 weeks, it’s their time and your time. Sit with them and discuss what they would like to do and say what you will need to do work wise. Don’t spring work days upon them unless in cases of emergency. After a manic school year kids like to relax over the summer, especially at the beginning. Let them have time to adjust. It will feel like a luxury to them in the beginning. Allowing you time to adjust to the time ahead.

First week off, stay at home, let them play and you can work.

Mix days out with relaxing at home

Don’t feel you have to cram everyday from sun up to sun down with work or with trips out for the kids. Do a mix of both. If you stay at home in the morning, take them out in the afternoon and vice versa. If you take them on a day trip, plan to have the day before or day after at home. No kid likes to share mum with their phone or laptop.

Divide up your time with time away from work with the kids and time to focus on work.

Going away

If you plan to go away, plan to go away with the kids and not with the business. If this is not possible then limit hours to working when the kids are asleep or get up early to do some before they are awake. Give them your undivided attention when you are away. Be realistic about what you need to achieve during this time. If the business allows try to keep working on holiday to a minimum.

You have two jobs, mum and business mum, you deserve a break.

The rest of the holidays

Do you know another business mum, perhaps do a playdate swap. This will give you time to work and for the kids to the enjoy being with friends. Book a holiday club or find them a hobby to throw themselves into. You can still go along and take your phone or your laptop with you to utilise the time that they are occupied.

Keep the kids busy by finding a play scheme doing something they are interested in or have always wanted to try.

Can’t answer the phone whilst the kids are shouting

Consider using a virtual support service like boffix. We offer you virtual support wherever you are. We will help you to manage your workload and remove the pressure. You never have to miss a call or an order, or offer lower levels of customer service during this time. By simply placing a divert on your business phone boffix will talk to your customers and give them a human point of contact. You can control what they say and what to do with the information.

Don’t let your business reputation suffer during the summer. Support is only a call away

Enjoy the kids this summer and keep your business going.  You’re not a super hero, you are a business mum.

By Shelley Wright

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