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Desk with business tools, including a laptop & phone

Tax & Accounting advice for UK Streamers & Content Creators

The streaming industry is continuously growing.  More people are using platforms such as Twitch and YouTube to start a career in content creation. It’s easy to see why, many have…

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An image of a retired man using binoculars to trace his pension

Pension: You could be sitting on a pot of gold and not realise it

How to start tracing your lost pension When you start your first job after leaving school, college or university you may not be too bothered about what your pension will…

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Images shows a man sitting alone at his laptop looking puzzled as he tries to understand the difference between accountants and bookeepers

What are the main differences between accountants and bookkeepers?

Accountants versus Bookkeepers When asked to describe the differences between Accountants and Bookkeepers most people would struggle to go past the basics. Some might say, ‘one manages the books’, whilst…

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female business owner working out her accounts

Small Business End of Year Accounts Checklist

What are your end of year accounts? At the end of the financial year your company is required to submit end of year accounts. In simple terms this includes reconciling…

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Women stressing about VAT calculations

VAT: 3 letters that shouldn’t cause stress to your business

Think of VAT as a positive Businesses are either busy preparing or stressing about their VAT. But dealing with your VAT needn’t be stressful. It should be a relatively simple…

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PO Boxes at a location

What is a PO Box and are there alternatives for my business?

Register your business away from your home Do you have an unruly dog that loves to eat your post or find yourself too busy to wait around for the postman?…

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Boffix Tax Return Blog

Preparing your business for your Tax Return

Talking about your Tax Return the week before Christmas is a drier subject then having your Christmas Dinner without gravy. But the longer you leave it the drier the taste…

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Hand over unpaid invoices to a third party to recover debt and keep client relations in tact

Jane runs her own small business. She loves what she does but has been spending too much time of late worrying about recovering outstanding debt. This is beginning to affect…

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Always have access to your accounts anywhere online with Quickbooks

Do you get weak at the knees at the thought of managing your accounts? Well with Quickbooks there is no need to, you can manage your accounts online leaving plenty…

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You’ve missed the tax deadline and ended up with a £100 fine, now what?

Don’t worry if you missed the tax deadline, you are not alone. There is set to be a record number of businesses facing the £100 fine this year. This is…

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registered address

Why using your home address as your business address might not be the right decision

Don’t overlook how important a registered office address is for your company, says Amber Elliot, Operations Manager at business support provider boffix. Aside from being a legal requirement, it can…

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Starting a business: which company structure is right for me?

Setting up a new business can seem a bit daunting. Boffix guides you through the different types of company structure and how they impact your tax and legal liabilities. Thinking…

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