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Letting your customers talk to human gains you a competitive advantage

Gain a competitive advantage, let your customers talk to humans

Do you have time to give your customers a human voice? When it comes to your business phone calls, humans want to talk to humans. They don’t want to hear…

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PO Boxes at a location

What is a PO Box and are there alternatives for my business?

Register your business away from your home Do you have an unruly dog that loves to eat your post or find yourself too busy to wait around for the postman?…

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Alternatives to hiring a receptionist

Alternatives to hiring a receptionist to take your calls

Hats off if your business is doing well and you are in need of staff to answer your red hot phone. But before you rush off to find a receptionist…

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Have your office in cyberspace with a Virtual Office

Did you know that you could have an office in cyberspace? Seriously, it’s totally possible. It’s called a Virtual Office. All you need is a computer and an internet connection…

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Hand over unpaid invoices to a third party to recover debt and keep client relations in tact

Jane runs her own small business. She loves what she does but has been spending too much time of late worrying about recovering outstanding debt. This is beginning to affect…

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Accessing a Virtual Office through a vortex

Having a Virtual Office does not mean you have to travel through a vortex to get to it

To delve into the exciting world of the Virtual Office we are going to enlist the help of our entrepreneur. Bob is a friendly neighbour who runs his business from…

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