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In the digital age do businesses still send Christmas Cards?

November 21, 2017  /  Lizzie Sullivan

In the digital age, should you still send business Christmas cards? Well why not? In fact, sending a card in this day and age speaks volumes. It shows someone that you have taken the time to let them know you are thinking about them or to thank them for their business & support over the last 12 months.

Throughout the year small businesses are in constant flux to find ways to stand out from the crowd. So, what better way to do this then to send a card at Christmas. It’s a great way to make contact and cement a working relationship into the coming year.

But what are the rules associated with offering a simple gesture? Should small businesses choose to hand write each card or have them printed? Should they be festive or religious? Should a company consider sending cards via email? Unfortunately for such a simple task there are some hard and fast rules to follow.

But first lets consider who should cards be sent to?

To be honest this is entirely up to you and what type of business you are in. Obviously if you have an exhaustive customer list sending one to everyone wouldn’t be viable. So perhaps choose your best, most loyal customers and the suppliers you work with regularly. Don’t forget to also send one to investors, business partners and employees.

What type of cards should you send?

Its best to tread carefully with this one as you wouldn’t want to offend anyone’s religious beliefs. Instead opt for the safer option and send cards which read happy holiday or season greetings, this way all eventualities will be covered.

Would a cheap card suffice?

You could walk into the nearest pound shop and purchase a box of cards, but before you do ask yourself if this the right image for your business. If you have a little space in your budget, then a great way to show off your brand would be to ask a local artist to design something for your business. This would enable you to offer something unique and give support to another local business.

And what should be said in the card?

This will depend on the recipient. But if you are struggling to think of something just a simple thank you, or wishing you a happy holiday will suffice. It’s not really what you say it’s about making contact. If in doubt writing less will make for a sincerer greeting.

Suggestive considerations before sending

  • Buy cards in advance to reduce cost.
  • Make sure you have up to date addresses for all your contacts.
  • Send with plenty of time to get there.
  • Make sure you put in a business card or use a company stamp.
  • It’s a good idea but not essential to incorporate your logo onto personalized cards.
  • Try to personalise each card if possible with a hand-written message.
  • Set up a landing page on your website instructing people in the card to come and visit for a seasonal message, where you can advertise stock and promotions.
  • Use holiday stamps on the envelope shows you’re fully embracing the spirit of the season.
  • Stick to a simple design but in the same vain try to be unique so your card stands out.

Suggestions on what to avoid

  • Don’t send email holiday cards as they often get mistaken as spam.
  • Best to avoid using a photo of yourself. Unless of course you are Richard Branson, dressing up as Santa won’t always go down well and is hard to pull off.
  • If you are having a design printed don’t choose the cheapest, filmiest card.
  • Don’t send the cards too close to the last post deadline so it arrives after Christmas.
  • Avoid using your child’s handmade Christmas card. An unrecognisable picture of Santa or Rudolf is great for relatives but not for business contacts.
  • Be mindful of the fact that not everyone appreciates a picture of booze filled celebrations.
  • Using the same cards as last year, this will make you look stingy.

Like everything else with your business, keep it within your brand guidelines. Do be creative and perhaps funny if it fits in with your usual company habits. And try not to tackle the task as a chore. Old contacts can be easily lost and new ones gained at this time of year. A small gesture such as a card can go a long way to increasing your network which could prove to be valuable for the coming year.

Next week: Black Friday was last week, what else can you do to promote your business daily at this time of year.

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