Think of your domain name as the street address for your online store

Think of your domain name as the street address for your online store

May 2, 2017  /  Lizzie Sullivan

Sarah has a great idea for a business and a funky original name to go with it.  To use the name on the internet she will need to purchase a domain name. Sarah is an expert at internet shopping and has a fondness for an online shop that does cracking bargains on shoes. However she knows nothing about domain names or where to find one.

Sarah has tried searching for information on domains names but got bombarded with phrases such as DNS, IP and URLs.

To get a business online Sarah will need to think about five main points:

  1. A business name
  2. Register a domain name
  3. Build a website
  4. Find a company to host her website
  5. Consider what else is required such as an email address

What is a domain name?

A domain name is the website address of a shop or business online. It is simply the street address of an online shop. Sarah can find companies online that will sell her a domain name and upon registering it she will have the right to use it for the term paid. Most companies expect the business owner to sign up to either a monthly or yearly contract. If she fails to extend this period she will lose the right to use the domain name.

What if the name is already registered?

With over 300 million domain names already registered Sarah needs to be creative and act fast. If she finds that the name is already taken she doesn’t need to panic, she can still use the same name but should purchase a different extension such as .com, Most businesses tend to register one domain name with multiple extensions to ensure that no one else can buy it. Sarah will need to pay for the privilege of using each extension.

Will her domain include a website?

Sadly not, to make her products visible she will need a website. Her website will become the shop window to her store where she can display her products and attract customers to buy them. If she has the right skills she can build the site herself by using one of the many tools available online. Or if she prefers she can hire someone to build the site for her.

When the site is built will it be found by her customers?

Unfortunately, there is still one more piece in the puzzle to consider before she is up and running. Sarah needs to find a company to host her site. All the information needed to support and build a website is stored on servers and managed by hosting companies.

Will she need to consider anything else?

If Sarah wants to have contact with her customers she will need to register an email address. She can easily do this through the same company with whom she purchased the domain name.

Sarah now has the knowledge she needs to understand how to get her new business up and running and how her customers will find her online. She should talk to boffix.

Boffix can provide her with a domain name plus the back office support she needs to support her business, leaving her time and money to keep browsing for shoes.

Be like Sarah and learn how to get your business online today. Contact boffix on or by calling 01840 700 700.



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