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Emailing Your Database: How often is just enough?

January 20, 2017  /  Lizzie Sullivan

One of the marketing questions we get asked by our small business clients, is how often should I be emailing my customer database? Any marketing consultant worth his or her salt will tell you that email is still one of the most potent tools for improving conversions.

Using it too little can mean missing out on a valuable opportunity to engage with customers you know are interested in your product or service. Sending too many messages raises the worry of annoying or turning off these same customers, at the best causing them to ignore you, at worst prompting them to unsubscribe from all emails.

A lot depends on your business, the size of your email database list and the kind of content you’re putting into your messages.

Here are our top tips for getting it right:

Find out what works

This is key for any business. Measuring reaction to your emails and taking a close look at how this impacts on conversions is the most important thing you can do. It will help you develop a coherent strategy that is less hit or miss and more on the button. While it takes effort on your part, doing the research and learning the lessons cannot be underestimated.

Content is king

As with any other market strategy, the quality of content you are delivering to your fan base is vital. If you’re pushing offers every day, your emails will almost certainly become less impactful. You need to know what your customer is looking for, what kind of things they want to read and what they are likely to click on.

What must be foremost in your mind? It’s how you are helping your customer. You should be sending them information that is relevant and interesting to them.

Get customers used to your schedule

If you can deliver content that creates that anticipation, you also need to have a schedule where customers can expect a newsletter or update to arrive. Consistency is key in email marketing and it’s something that the top players do pretty well. That means working out your content list and delivering it on time and to expectations.

Most businesses don’t use email marketing enough. That’s the simple truth. While it takes work to develop a good email strategy, getting it right can bring huge benefits including developing brand awareness and improving conversions.

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