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Is Entrepreneur a mere title or a state of mind?

February 1, 2018  /  Lizzie Sullivan
Entrepreneur a mere title or a state of mind

Entrepreneur is just a word, like any other, it’s a mere title given to someone who works for themselves, someone who has set themselves up in business. Hundreds of thousands of people work for themselves today, start-ups are getting launched left right and centre. Small businesses are springing up and sadly breaking down just as fast. So when you look at the word Entrepreneur today it seems fairly common place, less exciting, less glamorous.

But what really separates the Entrepreneur from the business person is the state of mind. The traits associated with the Entrepreneur are:

  • Guts – they are prepared to take the risks
  • Determination – they have a can do attitude, nothing will stop them
  • Passion – they are driven by success and want to prove they can do it
  • Self-confidence – they believe in themselves

To understand a little more about the Entrepreneur lets looks at different types of Entrepreneur. For simplicity we have come up with 3 categories.

  1. Inherited Entrepreneur

This is someone who has inherited a business from their parent or relative. They weren’t born to be an entrepreneur or even a business person. They just kind of became one. And it will be hit and miss whether they make it as one or not. This is probably the least exciting of the Entrepreneurs and that’s not to be rude or taking anything away from their success. But because they have effectively adopted the foundation of an already established business, they lack that start up vision and the pain felt when creating something from scratch.

  1. Corporate Entrepreneur

Could also be called the cautious Entrepreneur. Before deciding to give this ‘work for themselves’ thing a go, they first take time to build themselves a solid career. They go out and learn experience in business in a corporate environment. They learn all about sitting in meetings for hours on end, they are taught that to run a business you need a big team of people assigned with specific job roles and fancy titles. And when they are driven to despair doing the daily commute they finally decide to hang up their corporate cap and don the many hats of the Entrepreneur. With money behind them they give it a go, knowing that they always have their career to fall back on if it doesn’t work out.

  1. Vintage Entrepreneur

The je ne sais quoi of Entrepreneurs. The person with guts, determination, drive and passion. The person who will be working from their kitchen sink one minute whilst dreaming up ways of becoming the next Richard Branson. This is the person who has never really had a proper job, they weren’t skilled in any particular trade. They just have this overwhelming desire to be a success, they will try their hand to anything. They aren’t afraid of doing it, they just do. They will borrow money from their Mum or their Granny to make it work. They eat the word can’t for breakfast. They were born to do something, and by Jove they won’t stop until they do it, whatever ‘it’ is.

Born to be an Entrepreneur

The long and the short of it is, an entrepreneur doesn’t become one, they are one. No word or title will ever really be good enough for the Entrepreneur. It takes guts and determination to go against the grain and try to make something of yourself, whilst juggling family, worldly pressures and financial insecurity. They don’t want a title, they want recognition. They want world domination just without the crazy name of Blofeld and without the scary looking “pussy” (James Bond fans will understand).

As Sir Alan Sugar famously said “An entrepreneur is not what you call yourself, its what someone calls you in recognition of what you’ve achieved.”

To be or not to be an entrepreneur is all in the mind, and without that state of mind you really are just a business person making money.

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