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Don’t flog your blog to death, just write it

February 21, 2018  /  Lizzie Sullivan
Don't flog your blog to death just write it

Spit and Polish and all things nice are all well and good but you are a blog writer not Mary Poppins. Stop flogging your blog to death, write it from the heart. Let it flow naturally. It’s a conversation between you and the reader, it needs to hit a nerve.

Thousands of blogs go up on the internet every day and unless you have something good to say it won’t get read and if it doesn’t then really, what’s the point in writing it.

Standout Title

You need to grab your reader by the balls with the title. This is your lynch pin, and if it’s not enticing then your reader will go no further. They will stop dead and go somewhere else. And worse, they may not return to give you another chance.

Titles such as 5 ways to market your business, are boring. Try 5 ways to knock the hell out of your marketing. They mean the same thing but said with a different tone.

What to write about

Start with a question, a hook for the reader. Something like, don’t you hate it when blog writers ask questions and then don’t answer them? And then answer the question. Try asking your followers, put out a post asking them to provide you with questions and set about writing the answers. Take questions and come at them from a different angle. Research topics relating to your niche and spice it up. There are hundreds of ways to write about the same topic.

If in real doubt cheat, check out your competition, see what they are writing about and do something similar, only better.

Scared to be different

Don’t be scared to be different or to be controversial. Obviously you don’t need to be rude and you will need to consider the audience. But apart from that it’s totally up to you. Add your flair and personality, throw in a couple of quotes or jokes, add some interest. Besides if it doesn’t work out then you can either take it down or just don’t use that approach again. You need to dare to be different in such a crowded market. Otherwise you will just become one of those writers that no one cares about.

Start at the beginning and end at the end

Sounds very simple but open with a question and ensure it has been answered by the end and stuff the middle with useful padding. Don’t confuse the reader. You will soon know if your idea doesn’t have legs when:

  • You are sitting staring at a blank page with no ideas on how to get started,
  • You write and write with no point,
  • You can’t get the right words on the page, and
  • You have no passion or understanding about what you are writing

If this happens, walk away. There is no point just sitting and willing it to happen. It needs to flow naturally. Don’t be afraid to get up from your PC and take time away from it, a few hours or even days. You will be surprised that when you come back to it with fresh eyes that the words spill out onto the page. Your keyboard should be on fire, and if it’s not, time to rethink.

But when it is working, keep writing, don’t stop until you have nothing more to say. Push everything else out of the way because if you don’t you may not get your flow back.

Keep it the right length

Don’t waffle. Your reader won’t thank you for it. Just stick to the point. Once finished go back and read it through, again and again. If it’s too long (longer then say 800 words) strip it back, remove something, then go and do the washing. And when you return if you can’t remember the missing piece then it wasn’t supposed to be there.

Choose the right image

Having the right image is just as important as what you write. A picture speaks a thousand words and all that. The image should entice the reader to read.

You don’t need to be C.S Lewis

Writing a blog isn’t an art form or a literary masterpiece. It should be short, informative and spicy. You’re not writing a polite message to your Gran, you are writing to tell your reader how to do something or to sell your own products. Don’t be fooled in thinking they are reading your stuff because they like you, they selfishly want something from you too. The answer to the question you asked at the beginning.

Oh and final piece of advice, for goodness sake don’t forget to spell check, one spelling error and the reader will be gone, quicker than you can say supercalafragalistic… get my point.

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