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Identify your strengths and outsource your weak areas

July 27, 2018  /  Lizzie Sullivan
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Business Strengths

What are your strengths? Lets be honest some people can, and some people can’t, it’s common sense when it comes to the top layer of our business skills and experience. On the back of this, we get hired based on what we can and not on what we can’t do.

However, we all have skills that are deep rooted below the surface. To find out what these are we need to step out of our comfort zone and explore different things. To help identify what these are try running a small business. This will highlight your strengths and your weaknesses.

Big business hires

When working in a big business your niche skill may have made you stand out. For example, if you were hired as an accountant you may have been the best at saving client’s money. This could be your main strength. If you are a blog writer, your blogs maybe followed and devoured by thousands of fans online, making you stand out on social media.

Basically, we tend to stick to our strengths, and we get hired for those skills leaving us in doubt about what else we could achieve.

This is a common-sense approach in big business, but by adopting this way of hiring, workers find themselves Pidgeon-holed into the same job time after time. This leaves individuals unable to see what else they could be good at doing.

Entrepreneurs learn to do it all

This is not the case when it comes to running a small business. Small business owners often find themselves having to do everything. Things they didn’t do before and more often things they haven’t got a clue about.  The learning curve when working for ourselves is a steep one. It’s all part of the entrepreneurial experience.

Entrepreneurs are renowned for being risk takers, have a set can do attitude and are fearless in their business decisions. But not all entrepreneurs are like this, in fact most people who run a small business are very much in fear.

Work for yourself they say, it’s great, it’s fun, you’ll get to be your own boss. But sadly, not everyone has the same experience. Working as your own boss can be very stressful, demanding and leave business owners crippled with unnecessary fear.

Focus on doing not on failing

The biggest fear associated with being a small business owner is not financial, it’s the fear of failing. You may have given up a good career to pursue your dream of running a business. You may have convinced your loved ones that you too can be the next Jeff Bezos. But when it comes to running a business operationally you may find yourself treading water. You may stumble across areas that you don’t understand, and waste time working out how to do it yourself.

Areas that leave business owners stuck

Fear starts as a negative thought, branches begin to grow and before long roots have dug in leaving you paralysed. So much so you may be left unable to even decide whether to have a tea or a coffee.

The most fearful business areas are:

Accounts – unless you have managed a business before or are a trained accountant, running the financial element of a business can be daunting. The letters that arrive in the brown envelopes from HMRC strike fear whenever we get one. Balancing the books, doing your returns and keeping track of your receipts feels like a big headache especially if you don’t know what you are doing.

IT – if your knowledge of IT only resides within the option to re-boot we quickly come unstuck. From computer viruses, to broken kit, to email issues, IT problems can halt a business dead in its tracks. With the recent introduction of GDPR small business were confused and spent months trying to work out what they can and can’t do with a simple email.

Sales calls – answering the phone, whilst juggling other operational issues can leave us tired and irritable. The poor customer on the end of the phone often gets snapped at just for calling to place an order. This doesn’t do your sales reputation any good.

Staffing issues – if you have staff members you’ll immediately understand what a nightmare other people can cause. You decide to hire because you need help, not to gain more work. Keeping up with sick days, appraisals and payroll takes up a lot of time.

Fear not there is a solution

The good news is that you don’t need to do it all by yourself. Boffix is here to help you with all areas of your business. We can manage your accounts, process your invoices and do your bookkeeping for you. We can help with your IT problems, getting you back up and running quickly and stress free. We have HR specialists you understand your pain and can help you smooth over staffing issues. We can answer your phone, leaving one less problem to juggle.

Don’t let working for yourself be over shadowed by fear. Working for yourself is fun, its offer freedom, flexibility and the space to enable you to learn more about you. Once you have identified your weak areas you can outsource the rest. At Boffix, we offer tailored products that enables you to select the areas in which you need support. Our aim is to help you doing the things you can’t, leaving you to excel in the areas that you are good at.

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