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A staggering 94.8% of the UK population is online! If you are starting a business, an online presence is vital for most.

When you are starting up your new business, there are so many things to consider. One of the important ones is creating your website. The first step to getting your business online is purchasing a domain name. Then to be able to build your website, you need somewhere to host it. If this is all new to you, it can sound rather complicated. It really doesn’t need to be. Boffix will walk you through the options, advise you on best practice and get your business online quickly, without all the hassle.

Boffix domain registration and support

We’ll take the hassle out of setting up your site, getting your web address and web hosting sorted in just a couple of days.

Registering your domain name

A domain name is your business’s web address. It’s a unique name that identifies your website and is used to access your site (, for example). You’ll want a domain name that contains your company name or describes your business. We’ll speak to you about the suitable domain names available and register your domain name so that your business has its own online home.

Reliable domain hosting

Web hosting provides the technology that’s needed for your website to be accessed on the internet. Once we’ve registered your domain, we’ll provide you with cheap, reliable web hosting.

We’ll take care of your domain registration & support for just

£4 per month

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