How to juggle business and children during school holidays

How to juggle both business and children when working from home during the school holidays

April 7, 2017  /  Lizzie Sullivan

A fabulous article was released last month by The New York Times about Professor Robert E Kelly who was working from home and doing a live broadcast with the BBC. His kids decided to get in on the act causing a very awkward moment.

I had to laugh as I too have experienced that many times. I might not have been doing a live broadcast with the BBC but my two little darlings have caused me similar embarrassment whether on the phone or during a video skype call.

So how do you cope with juggling family life and work when working from home

  1. Try to get as much done when the kids are either at nursery or at school

This can be easier said than done but aiming to crack through most of the work whilst the children aren’t home is the easiest way to get on guilt free. If this isn’t possible then try to work when they are in bed asleep.

  1. Try to limit phone calls or video calls to a minimum when the kids are home

If you do need to arrange a call for a time when you know your kids will be at home, then try to find somewhere quiet to do your work. But remember us parents know that not even the toilet is a safe haven.

  1. Give the kids something fun to do whilst you work

Don’t leave the kids without a distraction. Keeping them occupied will give you the uninterrupted time to do your work. If you are planning a call then perhaps communicate to the callers that your children are at home and try to make the call as short as possible.

  1. Communicate your work times to your family

Be upfront with your family and explain that you need to do some work whilst they are there. Kids are less likely to disturb you if you tell them that you will spend time with them later.

  1. Your kids are growing up fast so work life balance is the key

When working from home you don’t have to be tied to your workspace. You will get more work done if you plan your day.

Plan for the school holidays and don’t feel guilty

 Whether you need to work or want to work, it doesn’t matter which, you can enjoy both working and spending time with the kids when they are on school holidays.

With Easter holidays now here we have compiled 7 points to help you work and spend time with the kids allowing you to remain guilt free.

  1. Divide up your day with time away from work with the kids and time to focus on work
  2. Keep the kids busy by finding a play scheme, something they are interested in or have always wanted to try
  3. You have two jobs, parent and business parent, you deserve a break so find time to recharge your own batteries
  4. Intersperse days to work and days off to spend with the kids
  5. Set aside time at the start of the day and at the end to catch up on your emails so that your customers continue to remain happy
  6. Get outsourced help to remove the pressure e.g. getting someone to answer your calls
  7. Remember you’re not a super hero, you are a working parent


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