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Legal Support

Would you like easy access to all the legal guidance you need to develop your business?

Whether you are already running a successful business, or just starting off, you will need comprehensive legal advice to help guide you. Due to the highly specialist intellectual nature of the profession, it is one area we recognised that we could not provide effectively in-house. Through our partnering arrangement with Farillo, we have found an accessible, innovative and experienced legal team who fully understand how business works at many levels. From fundraising, employing people or simply ensuring key legal documentation is in place, this flexible service enables you to build a suitable legal framework around your business.

Jargon-free guides and easy-to-use templates

Absorb knowledge when you need it, demystified and available in plain English with tons of relevant guidance on hundreds of business scenarios. And take the next steps in your business safety and confidently by using Farillio's expertly created legal templates, which you can create, share, edit, sign and duplicate as well as save in a secure environment.

Document dashboard

Keep all of your business' documents safe and easily accessible to only you and those you invite to view them. You can even upload any documents you currently have, so you can find everything in one secure place, 24/7.

Low cost

Get expert answers to your legal questions without large legal bills, all provided from a single location and backed by accessible legal support. Whether you want to know how to enrol an employee into a pension scheme, calculate and charge late-payment interest, protect your business from being copied, or even how to test your business idea before you launch – Farillio can help with all of that, and so much more.

Comprehensive legal templates & guidance for just £8 per month

Legal FAQ’s

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My business operates outside of the UK, can you help me?

How can I be sure the information on the platform is up to date with current legislation?

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