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Manage your business from the back not from the front

May 31, 2018  /  Lizzie Sullivan
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All businesses have a front and a back

What do we mean when we talk about managing your business from the back and not from the front. Well in a world where everything about everyone is out there, our fronts are constantly on display. Our personalities, our status, our brands, our products and services are permanently on stage for the audience to see. Through social media we can create and promote an image for our business that we want our customers to see. From the front we can draw in new leads, grow our email lists, develop our networks and push our business forward. We promote this from the front. But whilst the front is on show what does the back look like, can it support the sales pitch and the marketing efforts. Can the back really do what the front says it can?

Shop window versus the stock room

Let’s imagine your website looks awesome. It’s high tech, it runs like a dream, the online shop window to your business is a glorious display of what your business does. People are sold. They love what you have to offer and want to buy your products and services. Now let’s turn to the stock room, to the back of your business. This is a mess, the phone is ringing constantly, the computer systems are down after being hit with a virus, your post is mounting up and your behind on your VAT preparation. Its total chaos. The website is doing a fantastic job from the front telling the world how great it is but your business operations at the back are failing to hold up its end of the bargain.

Marry the front and the back

Without synchronisation, communication and harmony between the front and the back your business is likely to fail. Maybe not today if you can’t meet that one sale or are unable to answer the phone to that one customer but if this is a typical day it won’t be long before customers stop calling and stop ordering. It may not happen overnight but give it a few months and your reputation will be in tatters. The trust will be gone. Your customers will no longer believe what the front is telling them. The back will have caused the relationship to breakdown.

Ensure the back is ready for the front

You need to get your ducks in order before you head out into the water. Ensure your back is fully prepared to support the front. It’s like only ironing the front of your shirt, the parts that people see. What happens when you want to take your jacket off. People will immediately see that you aren’t as ready as you appear. By appearing ready, you must be ready. Growing a business is a journey, it can be slow, painful and difficult. But to keep it going you must align the front with the back so together they can provide a seamless service.

Preparing the back to support the front

At any time, the phone could ring with an opportunity. Your email could deliver a sale. If you are talking about it, you need to be able to do it. And to be able to do it you may need to seek outside help. Talking about outsourced support is neither attractive or sexy. It doesn’t have the immediate wow factor that the front can offer. It just doesn’t have the sex appeal of a website or hold the same excitement of sharing a post that goes viral. It’s a pretty dry subject. Talk of IT viruses, VAT calculations or telephone numbers doesn’t exactly inspire the creative juices, but they are all essential elements to a business. Without them your business can’t operate or at least not meet the potential of what the front claims to offer.

Let the back lead and the front will follow

At boffix we are here to help. We can provide your business with all the back-office support it needs leaving you to concentrate on the front. We have a team of professionals who can answer your calls, manage your accounts and fix your IT. Boffix stays in the back, so that nobody in the front knows we are there. We manage the stock room allowing you to sit in the shop window and together your business gets to do what the front says it can.

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