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Maximise sales in the run up to Christmas and beyond

November 29, 2017  /  Lizzie Sullivan

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales behind us, there are still plenty of opportunities to market your business. Late shoppers and procrastinators can easily be won in the last remaining days to Christmas. Plus, in today’s ecommerce market the shopping trends don’t just stop once the big day arrives.

With 3 weeks remaining until Christmas Day, shoppers will be scouring the internet and the shops to pick up bargains. One thing the internet has taught us is that customers now have more choice, more options and lots of different ways to make a purchase. This means that businesses need to be ahead of the game, finding creative ways to market their products and ensure that they are competitive.

Shopping on the go

Shopping trends have changed dramatically over the years. Customers are no longer hankering over the Boxing Day Sale events. In fact, Christmas Day is the one of the biggest shopping days of the years. Why? Two reasons, sales are starting earlier and because we all carry the one device needed to make an instant purchase. Our mobile phones. Mobile devices account for a higher percentage of purchases than ever before. Customers can enjoy their Christmas Day and still find time to hunt for a bargain online.

Webrooming versus Showrooming

Two new shopping trends to be aware of. Webrooming – this is where shoppers check out products online, researching what they need to know and then go out to buy instore. Versus Showrooming – shoppers check out all the details in store and then turn their attention to buying the items online.

There is not a way to eliminate shoppers from just using your website or your shop as a go to place for price comparison and research only. The only way to do this to ensure that your products, pricing and other policies are so enticing that they will want to make to purchase there and then.

Ways to grab your customers attention in the run up to Christmas

  • Ensure your products are optimised for desktops, mobile and tablets.
  • Keep on top of your competitors. Align prices and shopping experience where possible.
  • Use social media to market sales and other promotions.
  • Use discounts to attract customers.
  • Reward loyal customers – offer them higher discounts.
  • Customers want their orders faster than ever, save yourself a lot of hassle and only sell items that you have in stock.
  • Offer festive discounts and promotions relating to the number of days left till Christmas. For example, 3 weeks to go start with 21% off and then reduce this daily. Reward customers who buy early.
  • Offer shorter delivery timescales and multiple ways to obtain items such as click and collect and next day option.

Offer other ways to make a purchase

We all struggle to buy a gift for that special person in our life. So, take advantage of this and offer gift vouchers. This enables buyers to still purchase from you and leaves it to the individual to select their own choice. You will gain from this as two people are seeing your site for every voucher sold. Gift vouchers can help you attract sales from those last-minute shoppers and those who may have missed the last post. So, ensure that you have the capability to generate printable gift vouchers.

Understand Consumer Rights

Include on all your sales a returns policy. Ensure that you are up to date on consumer rights. You may be busy counting the profits as we speak but remember not all gifts will be appreciated or liked. Ensure that you are set up to handle returns after the big day. A swift refund and easy to follow returns policy is essential.

Treat your customers as you would want to be treated

Think of your own personal buying habits when promoting and discounting your products. What is the one thing companies do to lose customers after Christmas? They hike up the prices on popular items before Christmas and discount them heavily afterwards. Your business isn’t just about being sustainable over the Christmas period. You will want customers to keep returning throughout the year.

Finally, don’t forget the key ingredient your competitors don’t have, you. You are the face and the brains behind your business. Make your business stand out using your own flare and personality. Other competitors may have items cheaper, or a better flush website but they don’t have you running the show. Always be honest and fair and your customers will keep coming back to you.

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