It’s not a trick, Halloween is big business

It’s not a trick, Halloween is big business

October 13, 2017  /  Lizzie Sullivan

With less than three weeks to Halloween its never too late to jump on the band wagon and get your business involved. There is no denying that Halloween is big business and when you look at the figures its scary how big it is.

Consumers are spending hundreds of millions of pounds on decorating their homes, businesses, themselves and even their pets. Halloween used to be just about the tricks and the treats but consumers are going crazy for costumes, food and drink and decorations.

The figures over the last four years speak for themselves with the UK spending an estimated £310 million in 2016 compared to the £230 million in 2013. In short Halloween is on the rise and a great time to market your business.


UK Retail Halloween Spending

Boffix Infographic Halloween UK Retail Spending


 Prepare your business

So, what can you do to get your business involved? If you are already selling Halloween related products then this will be easy and you will already be in the thick of it. But even if you aren’t selling these types of products there are still many ways you can get involved to boost your sales and bring customers floating into your store or online to your website.

8 ways to make the most of Halloween

Regardless of whether you own a brick and mortar store or an online business try these marketing tactics.

      1. Decorate your store with ghoulish images
      2. Offer Spooktacular online competitions or giveaways
      3. Host a dress-up contest or a devilish drawing competition
      4. Sell themed goodies
      5. Giveaway treats
      6. Provide fang-tastic discounts and vouchers for a limited time
      7. Write some creepy content
      8. Give your brand, logo and social themes a bloodcurdling make-over

Use the power of social media to promote your marketing efforts by spooking up your blog, memes and videos incorporating Halloween related words and phrases. Use email campaigns to keep your current customers up to date with what your business is doing.

Get your staff involved

Don’t be afraid to get your staff involved in your Halloween fun, not only is this good for business its good for moral. Remember don’t ask them to do something that you wouldn’t be prepared to do yourself. Perhaps lead the way and show them how it’s done by dressing up yourself. Whatever you do make sure you capture what your business is doing and post, share on your social media pages. Todays businesses need to show there are humans with personality behind the scenes and Halloween is a great excuse to do just that.

Frightfully funny ending

Witch ever way you chooooose to get involved this Halloween, grave your business a thrilling chance to stand out from the competition. Just remember if it all gets a bit too scary, keep calm, trick or treat and carry on. Its Halloween so have some fun and if you need any further motivation cast your eerie eyes back over the infographic above as the numbers alone should give you the spirit to push forward. Halloween is far too spooktacular to ignore.

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