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The office Christmas Party Do’s and Dont’s

December 1, 2016  /  Lizzie Sullivan

It will soon be time to dig out that little black dress or dust off your dinner jacket. Whatever you choose to wear you’d better be prepared as its soon time for the Christmas Party – party popping, silly hat wearing, funtastic time had by all. Or is it? Not really, in fact it actually sparks fear into most employees. Love it or hate it, it’s your companies way of spoiling you and saying thanks for all your hard work and loyalty. Why, I hear you ask can’t they just give you vouchers for the per head cost and let you go spoil yourselves, on your own. But instead make you go out with people you wouldn’t normally choose to socialise with , go to places that really aren’t cool and dance to songs that you’ve never heard of.

Let’s face it you’d better enjoy it as you probably won’t be getting a Christmas bonus. When you are out and about mingling with all those people you only ever passed in the corridor pause and think about small businesses with just a small team that get on really well, now wouldn’t that be really fun?

So, go, grease back your hair, put on the highest shoes you can find, wear the silliest fake smile and have fun. But whatever you do, don’t do any of these.

List of the top don’ts:

  1. Don’t do anything you wouldn’t do sober in the office
  2. Drink too much
  3. Tell your boss or colleagues exactly what you think of them
  4. Fail to turn up the following day to work
  5. Act on that crush
  6. Wear brand new shoes
  7. Snog your boss

Getting totally smashed, making a fool of yourself or acting upon those romantic impulses could land you in serious trouble or get you fired. You only need to watch the film ‘Love Actually’ to see how excruciating it can be when you make that smarmy move on your PA, or take the nerdy good looking guy home. It’s never going to end well. And remember you will be sober in the morning.

Instead go out, have fun, act responsibly, eat with your mouth closed, and make sure you get the last train home. Simply follow these rules for a jolly ole time.

List of the top dos:

  1. Have fun, laugh and try and be merry
  2. Do yourself up, make it your night to shine
  3. Get to work the following day if the party is on a week night
  4. Try to speak to a few people that you haven’t spoken to before and expand your network
  5. Get yourself home safely
  6. Wear something sensible and don’t forget your coat its cold outside

And if all your good intentions for your Christmas party go out of the window after a drink or 3, you could always resort to starting your own business! Boffix Get Started.

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