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What is a PO Box and are there alternatives for my business?

March 23, 2018  /  Lizzie Sullivan
PO Boxes at a location

Register your business away from your home

Do you have an unruly dog that loves to eat your post or find yourself too busy to wait around for the postman? If you run your business from home or from a residential address you may experience such issues. Working from home offers flexibility and freedom but by registering your business to your residential address you may encounter unexpected problems.

Why choose to use a different address?

There are many reasons why you might want to keep your post away from your residential address.

1. It may not create the right impression for your business
2. To keep your residential address private
3. You may not want to advertise your home address on your business correspondence
4. To keep unexpected customers and visitors from turning up at your door
5. Your home is based in a flat or shared housing
6. You want to use an address in a different region
7. You frequently spend time away from your home

What is a PO Box address?

A PO Box address is a unique address located at a Post Office or private location. Your mail is typically kept in a lockable box that is only accessible by you or in pidgeon styled trays accessible only by staff. To collect your post, you will need to visit the location. Depending on the style you will either use a pin or a key to access your box or show relevant documentation to the staff.

Is a PO Box right for your business?

There are things you need to consider when thinking about using a PO Box address.

• Does a PO Box create the right image for your business?
• Will your customers be turned off by the address?
• Is there a service close enough to your business?
• Will you have the time to go and collect your mail?
• Do you regularly receive large packages?
• Do all postal carriers deliver to PO Box addresses?
• The cost involved in utilising the service?
• Are you frequently away and will be unable to receive your mail?
• How often will you need to renew the service and what will happen if you don’t do this on time?

Deciding whether a PO Box is right for you is completely your choice, it is your business. But before opting for a PO Box there are cost effective and hassle-free alternatives available.

Alternatives to having a PO Box

The most common alternative is to purchase a Virtual Office. There is a misconception that this is an expensive choice. But if you do your research will can find a Virtual Office that matches your business requirements.

What is a Virtual Office?

A Virtual Office is an address that you purchase from a company. It enables you to select an address that fits your company. E.g you may want to have a presence in London but are unable to afford the cost of a physical location. Choosing a London address from a Virtual Office provider is an affordable way to solve this problem. With a Virtual Office address, you can use the address across all your business correspondence feeling safe in the knowledge that your home address is secure.

How will your post be handled?

This of course is dependant on which provider you choose. Generally, you will have the option to collect your post, request it to be scanned and emailed to you or forwarded to your address. If you are out of the country or plan to be away for a time you may be able to request a change of address and still receive your mail. This is a great way to keep on top of your post and not arrive home to a mountain of post on your doormat.

Boffix can help your business

Small Business owners find themselves wearing many hats and often feel the pressures of time. At Boffix we can provide you with all that you need for your Virtual Office. We can supply you with an address across the UK, including one of our prestigious London addresses. We provide you with choice on how you wish to receive your mail. Plus, we can easily update our systems if you need to receive your mail to a different address, either permanently or for a short time. We provide you with choice, flexibility and a unique affordable way to build the right solution for your business.

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