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Are you fighting fires with your IT system? Are your employees reacting to IT issues rather than focussing on their daily tasks?

Having a robust IT system which runs efficiently and without glitches is crucial. Whether you are just starting out or you are an established business battling with IT challenges, we can ensure that you have the optimum IT infrastructure in place. As well as an IT Helpdesk for your day-to-day issues, you can also access our IT experts for your bespoke technical requirements. Whether you need some friendly advice, or the support to implement and integrate systems, devices and back up procedures for your business, boffix can help. Whatever your requirements, we provide a hassle-free and bespoke IT service to save you two of the most precious resources; time and money.

With you right from the start

If you’re just starting out, we offer WiFi network and server installation, along with your specific software requirements.

Protect your Business

We safeguard your business against network threats, attacks and hackers with robust IT security systems. We also set up, install and advise on the best security and firewall options for you. We’ll then run regular network health checks to ensure your system is always fully protected.

What do I need?

We can offer advice on the best IT solution for your business, starting with a free system audit. Technology is constantly evolving. We can identify gaps in your systems and offer solutions to help your business run more efficiently.

Specialist knowledge at your fingertips

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