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female business owner working out her accounts

Small Business End of Year Accounts Checklist

What are your end of year accounts? At the end of the financial year your company is required to submit end of year accounts. In simple terms this includes reconciling…

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Women stressing about VAT calculations

VAT: 3 letters that shouldn’t cause stress to your business

Think of VAT as a positive Businesses are either busy preparing or stressing about their VAT. But dealing with your VAT needn’t be stressful. It should be a relatively simple…

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Boffix Tax Return Blog

Preparing your business for your Tax Return

Talking about your Tax Return the week before Christmas is a drier subject then having your Christmas Dinner without gravy. But the longer you leave it the drier the taste…

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Don't be haunted by mistakes in business

Don’t be haunted by mistakes in business

We all make mistakes. Some mistakes are bad and change our lives, some mistakes are good and change our lives. We are human and like our DNA, mistakes are part…

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Benefits Woman on a boat blogging

Live the dream and experience the benefits of running your own business

Ever dreamed of being your own boss, working from anywhere and generally being happier. Well running your own business could offer benefits to suit you. Banish that dreaded Sunday night…

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What does Richard Branson, Alan Sugar and your self-employed neighbour Bob, have in common?

Before you say what an earth can my neighbour Bob possibly have in common with two British wealthy entrepreneurs?  He hasn’t got grey hair, a beard or a big house,…

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Always have access to your accounts anywhere online with Quickbooks

Do you get weak at the knees at the thought of managing your accounts? Well with Quickbooks there is no need to, you can manage your accounts online leaving plenty…

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You’ve missed the tax deadline and ended up with a £100 fine, now what?

Don’t worry if you missed the tax deadline, you are not alone. There is set to be a record number of businesses facing the £100 fine this year. This is…

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