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Declan Aaron and Jack from Boffix

Boffix Apprentices are happy working, learning and earning

Celebrating Apprentices This week marked the start of National Apprentice Week which runs from 5th March to 9th March. And here at Boffix we love joining in by celebrating our…

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Snow plough at work in snow

Don’t let your business slip and slide in bad weather

Many of us were caught unawares in the past week by the arrival of snowy weather. We heard the news announcements, but ignored the warnings hoping that it wouldn’t be…

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The Office Christmas party – The Bosses Perspective

The Office Christmas Party – The Bosses Perspective[/caption]Every year when bosses mention the words Christmas Party, employees either retract into fear or jump with joy. Free drink up, some say….

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The office Christmas Party Do’s and Dont’s

It will soon be time to dig out that little black dress or dust off your dinner jacket. Whatever you choose to wear you’d better be prepared as its soon…

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