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Is it dangerous to run my business using a coffee shop WIFI?

You can run your business using a WIFI connection from a coffee shop. That’s the good news, now for the not so good news. Not all internet connections are genuine…

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Think of your domain name as the street address for your online store

Sarah has a great idea for a business and a funky original name to go with it.  To use the name on the internet she will need to purchase a…

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Commuting happily at home from your bedroom to your office come rain or shine

Friday 19th May is National Work from Home Day. For some this will be a real treat but what if you work from home every day? According to the Office…

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Is your head in the clouds full of business ideas should you be considering taking the leap and moving your business to the cloud?

One of the most important aspects for any business is their data. But how do you store yours? If you are currently working from your kitchen saving files to your…

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The digital nomads making the world their office

Staff no longer have to be tied to the office and there are a growing number of companies helping them to combine work, travel and lifestyle. All boffix support packages include Microsoft Office…

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