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Identify your strengths and outsource your weak areas

Business Strengths What are your strengths? Lets be honest some people can, and some people can’t, it’s common sense when it comes to the top layer of our business skills…

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Manage your business from the back not from the front

All businesses have a front and a back What do we mean when we talk about managing your business from the back and not from the front. Well in a…

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In the digital age do businesses still send Christmas Cards?

In the digital age, should you still send business Christmas cards? Well why not? In fact, sending a card in this day and age speaks volumes. It shows someone that…

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Commuting happily at home from your bedroom to your office come rain or shine

Friday 19th May is National Work from Home Day. For some this will be a real treat but what if you work from home every day? According to the Office…

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How big do you need to be to qualify for outsourced support

Type “business outsourced support services” into google and you return with over 4 million results. Scan through the results and you will come across words such as, IT, Service Levels,…

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Starting a business doesn’t have to be scary

Starting a business has never been so popular; according to StartUp Britain over 533,577 people have done just that so far this year (and counting). So if you are thinking…

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The digital nomads making the world their office

Staff no longer have to be tied to the office and there are a growing number of companies helping them to combine work, travel and lifestyle. All boffix support packages include Microsoft Office…

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