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Technical tools for small business owners

June 19, 2018  /  Lizzie Sullivan
Desk with business tools, including a laptop & phone

Tools in the box

Small business owners need certain tools in their tool box to do the job. Today a laptop, desktop or tablet is not just essential, it’s a vital piece of kit. It is something needed on a day to day basis. It has become the pen and paper of the working world. Wherever we go, we take a piece of technical kit with us. Whether it be using a phone, tablet or laptop, entrepreneurs can work from anywhere. Just try spending a moment without a phone and you’ll suddenly feel like a part of you is missing.

Technical Equipment

Without technical equipment we are unable to work. It’s that simple. But with many small businesses suffering from a lack of money obtaining the right kit can be costly and stressful. The up keep on the equipment alone can be a nightmare.  One of our clients gave us permission to share her story relating to a piece of equipment.

Barbie Car Accident

The client in question was in the process of setting up her first business from home. She had the idea, but money was tight so only wanted to purchase the essentials to get her started. She was planning to open an online retail shop and needed a laptop or computer to manage her business.

As a Mum of two young children, she planned to work mainly from home but also wanted the added flexibility of working remotely so opted for a laptop. She spent time researching for the perfect laptop and purchased one online. She was super excited when it arrived.

She’d never purchased a laptop before and hadn’t expected to have to fork out extra money for additional applications such as Microsoft Office. She just assumed that it would come already set up and ready to use. After setup was complete and before she’d even typed a word her youngest child crashed a Barbie car into the screen at such a force the screen cracked. Words cannot describe nor, can they be used in this blog to say how she felt.

The laptop was purchased because it had a 17-inch screen. Having a bigger screen meant she could work comfortably but could still transport it if required. Within seconds the screen was reduced from 17-inches to 14-inches. Luckily the computer still worked but the overall capabilities of the screen was greatly impacted. She struggled on for 5 years with the same computer. She learnt how to use the screen without using the right-hand side. It slowed her down, but she didn’t think she had a choice and she simply couldn’t afford to replace it.

She investigated getting it fixed but the price of the screen was too expensive. She was told she would be better of paying for a brand-new laptop. But there was no way she could afford the money to get a new one, neither could she be without it whilst it was getting fixed. So, she just continued using it.

Value of reputation

In business we often struggle when we don’t need to. Assumptions are made without knowledge and often based on money. We assume that we must continue working in a way even if it heeds our progress. We learn to muddle through regardless of the cost to our work.

It’s not just the cost to physical elements but also to our reputation. As small business owners we value our money, our time and our reputation. Not only do we need the right tools to do the job, but we also need to create the right impression. Turning up to a client’s office to deliver a presentation with a broken, old or tattered laptop does not go towards creating the right impression.

There is an affordable solution

Here’s the good news. Businesses no longer need to just muddle on, there is an affordable and simple solution. Boffix is on hand to support your business. We offer business services from Accounting, Call handling, HR and IT. We can provide you with hardware, configured and ready to go and delivered to your house or office within 48 hours. You’ll receive a shiny laptop with no upfront cost from £25 per month.

Don’t let anything slow down your business, talk to us today and be up and running in no time. The world awaits your ideas and Boffix can provide you with the tools.

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