Having a Virtual Office does not mean you have to travel through a vortex to get to it

Having a Virtual Office does not mean you have to travel through a vortex to get to it

March 22, 2017  /  Lizzie Sullivan
Accessing a Virtual Office through a vortex

To delve into the exciting world of the Virtual Office we are going to enlist the help of our entrepreneur. Bob is a friendly neighbour who runs his business from home. He loves all things business but is facing challenges that he needs to overcome to ensure his business continues to run smoothly.

Bob recently saw an advert for a Virtual Office. He pictures this Virtual Office as something only accessed through the vortex in The Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy. Although this would make for a terribly exciting blog, sadly this is not true.

How can a Virtual Office help Bob?

Bob feels his home address does not project a very professional image. Instead, he can purchase a prestigious address through a Virtual Office Company.

Businesses registered in the UK as Ltd Company, PLC or LLP are legally required to have a registered address. This is provided to HMRC, Companies House and other legal entities for statutory correspondence. A business owner can change their registered address as long as they update their business records.

Can a Virtual Office Company answer Bob’s business phone calls?

Bob is struggling to cope with the amount of phone calls he receives on a daily basis. He wants to keep his home number separate and wishes to have a new number for his business.

Well luckily for Bob that is something else a Virtual Office Company can do for him. Through this service, he can utilise professional call handling. By providing call handling instructions he can have his calls answered in his company name, advise on how the calls are answered and what information is requested from the caller.

The Virtual Office Company will also provide Bob with his own unique telephone number. Bob can decide whether to have his home number diverted to this new business number or if he prefers can publish the new number on his business correspondence. Either way, he can have his calls answered for him.

What will happen if Mrs Bob calls, she won’t be very happy about speaking to a call handler?

Bob can assign instructions to individual telephone numbers. So if Mrs Bob calls he could opt to have her calls put straight through to him. Whereas if his Mother in Law calls he could opt to have her told he has in fact travelled through the vortex to his virtual office!

With the help of a Virtual Office Bob can remain fully in control of all his calls. And to make his life even easier any out of hour calls will go through to a personalised voice messaging service with messages texted or emailed to him.

Bob’s dog chews any post that comes through the door, can he have this diverted?

By choosing to have a registered address through a Virtual Office Bob’s statutory mail will be processed for him. His mail can be scanned and emailed to him or forwarded unopened.

Bob needs to access his emails when out and about?

Microsoft Office 365 is a cloud solution that will enable Bob to have access to his emails, shared folders and his calendar when away from his office. With access via an internet connection, he never needs to be without his emails.

Finding a Virtual Office Company

Whatever services you need a Virtual Office allows business owners to have complete control whilst creating a professional appearance for their business. At Boffix we make business matters easy, with experts on hand to deal with your enquiries from accountants to IT professionals to call handlers we can manage everything for you from one location. Different providers will have varying connotations as to what is included in a virtual office. However for as little as £33 per month Boffix will provide a registered address (situated in London, Derby & Leatherhead), process your registered post, answer your calls, provide a business telephone number and give access to Office 365.

For all other questions relating to the vortex, we can only simply refer you to The Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy.

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