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Derby Virtual Office

Do you think it’s important to keep your business and private life separate? You can step away from using your home address for business with our affordable local Virtual Office services.

If your customers and suppliers know where you live, this could expose you to issues in the future. Do you also want an increased volume of junk mail delivered to your home?

We will provide you with a registered address for your business. By also using this as your Companies House registered address, you remove your personal address details from the public domain. A registered address receives approx. 10 letters per year and we will forward these directly on to you at no cost, our Post Handling Service will only charge a nominal fee in excess of this. You choose exactly where and how often your post is delivered. You can also add other virtual office services, including Call Handling, IT support and Accounts.

We can also offer you a prestigious London presence address. You can find out more about our London Virtual Office service here.

What is a Virtual Office?

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How does a Virtual Office work?

Choose an address from either London or Derby (additional locations available through our workspace partners). You can then use this on all your correspondence and with Companies House if desired. And with our Post Handling service, you can choose exactly where and how often your post is delivered. You can also add other Virtual Office services, including Call Handling and IT support.

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