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Boffix Post Handling

If you choose a virtual office with boffix, we include a flexible mail forwarding service designed around your unique requirements

If you use one of our virtual offices as your registered or general postal address, we can forward any business mail you receive to wherever you want and as frequently as desired. If you are expecting something in the post, feel free to call a member of the team at any time to check if it has arrived.

How does the Post Handling service work?

Our service includes up to 10 letters per year free (typical correspondence a registered office address receives over a year). If you exceed this volume, all subsequent deliveries will be charged at Royal Mail postage costs plus £1 handling fee. This service does not include parcels. Should the occasional parcel arrive for you, we wont leave you high and dry. However, we'll need to cover our costs and therefore additional fees will apply.

Where does the post get handled?

Our main processing centre is situated in Derby all mail gets sent here for processing, if you require next day mail forwarding we suggest you use this as your business address. If you have opted for a London address then the post will be forwarded to Derby for processing.

We’ll always get your mail to you, wherever you are

You don’t need to be tied to one location to get your mail. This is where our Post Handling service provides real benefit… If you’re going to be away for an extended period, we can switch your address on file at any time. One call is all it takes! Alternatively, we can scan your post and send it to you via email. Our scan and email service is charged at the same rate as forwarding your letter by post.

Your post delivered how you want, where you want

for just £1 per letter

Post Handling FAQ's

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Do we provide an international mail forwarding service?

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