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Workspace providers help small businesses in need

August 17, 2018  /  Lizzie Sullivan
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The modern workspace

Let’s face it the modern workspace is being transformed. The days of finding workers sitting behind the same desk working 9 to 5 appears to be behind us. Instead workers are opting to work for themselves. This type of self-generated income enables workers to maintain independence, dictate their own hours, do what they know and love and work from literally anywhere in the world.

Being able to work remotely can be a huge benefit to individuals, families and to small businesses. Because of this new age way of working, office space has been revolutionised. With real estate at an all-time high, small businesses are unable to afford the costs and commitment of traditional long-term leases. They are now looking for flexible alternatives to meet their needs.

Workspace Providers

Workspace providers are popping up around towns, cities and in communities, providing a much-needed solution to those people who want to work remotely. Warehouses, offices, residential properties are being transformed to accommodate larger numbers of individuals, whether they want to rent space for an hour, a day or longer term.

They offer access to private offices and conference rooms, provide in-house catering services, state of the art conferencing facilities and quiet areas to work and mingle. With plenty of locations, there is choice for everyone.

Home Working

Many self-employed workers choose to work from home, this seems like the most logical solution for those looking to keep the costs down. However, home workers often find themselves unable to concentrate with some choosing to work from self-contained sheds if they are fortunate enough to have a garden.

The freedom to work whenever and wherever has become the cornerstone for any self-confessed entrepreneur. The ability to work remotely brings freedom, freedom breeds creativity and creativity offers entrepreneurs and small businesses the chance to fulfil dreams and aspirations.

However, working from home although seems like a dream come true can bring challenges:

1. In Need of Company

For those people who crave the company of others, there is one major setback when working from home. They miss other people, which is ironic as most workers tend to work from home to get away from people. But when confined to doing this day in and day out the experience can prove to be lonely.

Going to a workspace either permanently or occasionally provides solo workers with a community. There they have the option to work alone or integrate with others. Working amongst like-minded people can boost confidence, decrease loneliness and offers a chance to expand business opportunities. The pressure to network is removed and replaced with a friendly atmosphere to perhaps make a real friend or two.

2. In Need of Facilities

Unless the home office is fully operational there will always be the need to find somewhere that offers all the facilities of a fully equipped office. Facilities like video conferencing, printing and photocopying and even in those hotter months air conditioning.

All these aspects are taken for granted when working in big business. But small business workers no longer need to forfeit these facilities. Instead they can be maximised and utilised as required at a reasonable price whenever required.

3. In Need of Space

Most homes are unable to cater for quiet space, or even larger areas for entertaining clients, customers or business partners. Inviting business contacts into a home doesn’t help to make the right impression when trying to seal a deal or strike up new relationships.

Workspaces can offer every type of space as needed. Whether the need is for a private office or a bigger space to host a larger meeting for just a few hours. With in-house catering facilities on hand workers can concentrate on the task at hand knowing all other aspects are being provided.

4. In Need of Location

Even when working remotely there are times when a whole team needs to meet face to face. Choosing a suitable location that serves all members can be a real headache. But not today, there are workspaces available wherever your location.

Workspaces are often conveniently located closely to train stations, airports and some offer parking. Some are even open 24 hours meaning you can literally find somewhere to go whatever the time.

Workspace Partners

At Boffix we are working in partnership with workspace providers to offer you a simple and easy way to find the best options for you, your team and your business.

By using our simple and easy to use search facility you can find the right place at the click of a button. Just enter the location and you will be provided with a list of partners within your area. You can view the list of facilities and are free to contact the provider directly at no cost.

“We are a company who embrace the digital era but understand that human contact and physical space can be a necessity in taking businesses to the next level. Our workspace partners adopt the same ethos on the need for a flexible service approach. I am personally extremely excited for the door opening opportunities the new partnerships bring to our clients.” Amber Elliott, Operations Manager

There is no better time to start your own business, with so many working options available to you the one thing you never need to worry about is where to carry out the work.

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