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Are you an established business looking to outsource some of your key functions? Or are you starting up a new business venture? Either way, our range of business support services offer you a unique and affordable solution to alleviate your time pressures. Our business services are proven to make a difference to companies of any size!

Rather than getting bogged down with long term contracts, choose the business support services you need today. And if your circumstances change tomorrow, you have the flexibility to turn on, off, increase or decrease your level of support at any time. Once you are part of the boffix eco system, you have the added comfort of knowing there is a team of UK based business experts at your side to help you whenever you need it.

Build + Price

What does your ideal business support solution look like? Why not start building the perfect support infrastructure for your unique business with our easy to use service builder below. If you’re not sure where to start and you want some friendly advice about which combination of services is best for you, why not call on 01840 700 700 , or drop us a quick enquiry and we’ll get right back to you. If you want to know a little more about boffix, you can discover more here.

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      What our customers say

      “Boffix has been a crucial part in helping me to grow my own business and has helped keep my costs to a minimum.”

      Shelley Wright

      Sewing Cafe

      ‘”Seldom do I get the opportunity to present a 'positive review but you guys stepped right up to the plate, many thanks for your excellent and lightning fast support".

      Derek Frost

      The Melia Partnership – IFA

      “By using vPA’s as cost/price checkers we saved £5k on one simple contract”

      Carlos Zanarotti


      “Using boffix for my small consultancy reduced all my day to day accounting”

      Jason Hoy


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